5 Simple Strategies To SELL OUT Your Services In 2024!

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April Iannazzone helps overachieving entrepreneurs who have a big vision for their business and life quickly close the gap from where they are today to their long term goals.

April is CEO of the Growth & Profitability Agency, the go to organization for business owners who want to gain an unfair advantage over competitors while scaling up for maximum growth, profits, and impact.  Read more...



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You’re tired of hearing “You’re exactly what I need! But I just don’t have the money right now to hire you”

You have so many ideas, but you’re paralyzed and can’t make money because you don’t know which one to act on?

Do you get lost in the details and feel STUCK because you’re not sure how to move forward?

Are you, in a word, EXHAUSTED, and wonder if business ownership is for you?

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Within the first 3 months of working with April, I made more money than I ever made in over 2.5 years in business! She really helped me understand how to package, sell, and deliver my ideas to my ideal clients! I am forever grateful to April.  She pulled the celebrity rockstar right out of me, and packaged it just right into a 6-Figure Gold Mine!

Quadeea Teart

3 days after a VIP Day with April, I closed a $90,000 contract... my biggest to date! 

Jessica Laverde

CEO of Dare to Be Social 

April is truly genuine. That alone mad it easy for me not to think twice about hiring her. Each and every time I meet with her, I not only learn new ways to grow my business, but I also

 learn so much about myself and what I am capable of!  She is the definition of a true leader and has empowered me to stay focused and Operation Fit Mom. 

Pam Onorati-Waddick

Founder Hiit56