Are you scrambling to put your Black Friday Marketing Campaign together? Black Friday ushers in one of the most profitable shopping seasons in any business' financial year.

Whether you offer products or services, or medical industry or any other industry for that matter.... This season offers a great opportunity to rake in impressive profits

With the ever-increasing numbers of shoppers turning online to scour for deals, it gets even better for businesses with an online presence. However, having an online presence is not enough.

A business must be strategic with its online marketing campaigns to get reasonable conversions.

In this article, we share April’s 5 best tips to help you run a successful marketing campaign this Black Friday and get more $$ in the bank than any promotion before!

1. Warm Up Your Audience Way Before Your Black Friday Marketing Campaign Begins

Do you have a list of email subscribers? Do you have a following on social media? DON’T wait until Black Friday to sell to them.

It’s important that you start engaging with your audience now! If you’re like most you may have ignored your list for a bit.

But remember, when you finally show back up we don’t want it to be immediately asking them to buy something.

You need to be ADDING Value to their lives now while teasing that you are going to have an incredible offer coming.

The goal should be to prime them for the big sale season!

If you had slacked in your content creation efforts, now is the time to reconnect with your community. Put together some great Black Friday marketing content and kick off your campaign.

  • Do some Facebook™ or Instagram™ LIVES.
  • Email the content to your audience. Tease the Black Friday Sale in the P.S under your signature.
  • If you have their phone numbers, send them text messages, and remind them to prepare for great Black Friday deals.
  • Also, messenger bots are a great way to communicate. But you need to engage ahead of time because it is against Facebook’s rules to promote something to your messenger subscribers if you haven’t interacted with them.

2. Add a Shopping Cart to Your Site To Help Capture More Sales During Your Black Friday Marketing Campaign  

The best way to say this is, ensure your website is e-commerce-ready. This should include adding inviting ‘Buy Now’ buttons to your products and services, having a flawless checkout system in place, and including several payment options. For instance, you should include a Paypal option for convenience in case customers don’t have their card on the spot.

This way, you will have landing pages that are ready to convert. Remember, your business is just a drop in a sea of many others. Other businesses are preparing for the holiday sale as well. And you’re all competing for the same client. If a customer leaves your site and finds another similar deal on a competitor’s website, chances are they’ll forget about you and bag this deal.

3. Bundle Your Services Together & Add More Perceived Value

It’s nearly impossible to ignore bundled services. There’s something about them that screams ‘crazy deal!’ If you want your sales to skyrocket, consider bundling up your services. Moreover, the main deal will drive sales for other existing services without you having to discount them so much.

Ready to start selling? Up your Black Friday marketing campaign with this strategy.

3 Products for sale. that are displayed as an example of a bundle for black Friday Marketing campaign
Just an example (not a real product bundle from april)

4. Embed a Tracking Pixel Code on Landing Pages All Throughout Your Black Friday Marketing Campaigns

Now, advancement in marketing is turning e-commerce into a giant industry. One smart innovation is the ability to follow up with website visitors around the web without their knowledge. This is made possible by a code, called a pixel, that you embed on your website.

Once potential customers visit your website, the code tracks them around the web and studies their behavior. Then if you’re using Google ads or Facebook ads, they’ll see your ads whenever they visit those platforms.

The idea is to remind them about their interest in your services and thereby bring them back to your website to make a purchase. We call this remarketing; a genius marketing strategy, I must say, that has seen online brands rake in crazy sales.


Strategize and fully plan out your Black Friday marketing campaign ahead of time

The last tip on our list is that you need to map out your campaign. Preparation is key to the success of any marketing campaign, and Black Friday is no exception.

This is just an example to represent mapping out your campaign (this is not a real campaign).

Having your pot of deals ready is a good thing. But then, you should plan how you’re going to create awareness of those deals. The frequency with which you get the information out is equally important.

On the bare minimum, plan to send out several emails each day, marketing different deals. Then increase the frequency towards the close of the festival. Ensure you create urgency with your final batch of emails by highlighting the number of hours left. For instance, you can include a line like ’24 Hours Remaining to Grab the Hottest Deal of the Season. Don’t Be Left Out!’

Mapping out your campaign will help you maximize the opportunity of converting more customers. Lastly, coordinate your campaigns with your Facebook, YouTube, Google, and other ads you may be running.

In Conclusion…

The secret to running a great Black Friday marketing campaign lies in proper planning. Ensure you start warming up your audience early enough, prep your site for sale by installing an easy and convenient check out system, as well as embedding a pixel code for remarketing. Then map out your campaign and bundle up your services to arouse curiosity and trigger conversions.

If you need help setting up your online marketing campaign, book your free consultation here and let one of our growth & profitability strategists walk you through the process.

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