Looking for home-based business ideas for women? Thinking about creating your business to fit your lifestyle?  Do you want to travel the world or just be able to stay home with your kids?


Success Coach April Iannazzone, learn about 5 Ways to infuse cash into your business this weekIf you are looking for the BEST home-based business ideas for women when you want to build your business, don’t look further.

Do you ever have that nagging feeling that there has to be something to life? Like you are destined for something greater or that you want to make a bigger impact in the world?  Or maybe it’s just that you want a lifestyle change… You are tired of working the J.O.B. If you are a like me, you know you have to leave the corporate world and start a home-based business in order to spend time with your family.

I also wanted the time freedom and lifestyle flexibility that a home-based business idea provided me.

Since leaving the corporate world I turned many home-based business ideas into thriving 6 figure businesses.  By doing this I truly created the home-based business of my dreams!  I now have the flexibility to travel as I work remotely from anywhere in the world.  I no longer miss my my daughters’ basketball games or chorus concerts.  With my home-based business idea, my income is endless.  I am totally in control of how much I earn!  I am easily able to scale and grow my business, create passive and recurring income streams.

One of the keys to having a successful home-based business as a woman entrepreneur is the power of knowing what and who to delegate to so you can work “on” your business and not “in” your business!  As you read the list below you may even think there is not a need for the services, but I ensure you that the majority of the home-based business ideas below I have hired or contracted myself!

 woman working on bed working from homeHome Based Business Ideas For Women Who Want to Grow Your Business Around Your Ideal Lifestyle

Here is a list of 20 Home Based Business Ideas for women that you can put your very own unique stamp on that ONLY you can offer!

  1. Virtual Assistant – The possibilities are endless for VA Businesses.  You can work remotely from anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection.  One thing I would warn you about… MASTER a few skill sets.  For example, your home-based business could be Virtual Assisting by providing email marketing management and services for Aweber and Ontraport.   Do not try to be an expert at all email marketing systems.  It will not benefit you to market to the masses and you will not be able to deliver stellar services within all systems.  Specializing in specific systems will allow you to charge upwards of $75 an hour and have a waiting list of clients.
  2. Coach / Consultant in your area of expertise – Have you mastered a skill set that you can confidently teach others to do the same?  For instance, I have created multiple 6 Figure Businesses.  I am a Business Coach who teaches other women to do the same (schedule your complimentary strategy session).  Maybe you have lost 100 pounds without surgery and kept it off for over a year.  Why not coach other obese people to do the same?
  3. Personal Trainer or Yoga Instructor – If you enjoy a healthy lifestyle and love working out then a great home business idea may be becoming a Personal Trainer.  This will require some form of certification.  Just a few of the benefits may include setting your own hours, deciding who you want to work with, it will also keep you motivated and on track with your own health goals.
  4. Event Planner – This is one of the home-based businesses I own.  (Check out Only Successful Events).  If you are super organized, don’t buckle under pressure, and enjoy being social your will love being an Event Planner!  You can choose to specialize in weddings and social events, trade shows and conferences, or even intimate gatherings.  I love event production because there is always some new to create.  My imagination gets to run wild.  If you are unsure of where to start you can check out my Only Successful Events Course.
  5. Personal Concierge – This home-based business idea can be completely virtual or it can also be more of an in-person business.  You can set-up doctors’ appointments, book travel and entertainment arrangements, help manage contractors for the client… possibilities are endless.  In-person you can pick up dry cleaning, create meal plans and shop, run errands, etc.
  6. Social Media Manager – Many entrepreneurs do not understand social media nor want to handle it themselves.  It creates extra stress and it is a time sucker for entrepreneurs.  Home-based business social media managers I have looked into hiring starting at $300 per month for the very basic package.  Just make sure if you want to promote this service that YOU create a great social media presence for your own business 🙂
  7. Freelance Graphic Designer – If you are creative and have a graphic design skill set there is definelty businesses that need your services.  Speaking from experience, it is VERY difficult to find a good graphic designer. This about it…Every business has the need for a graphic designer for business cards, logos, & flyers, to banners & websites.
  8. Blogger – If you enjoy writing and there is a very specific niche topic that interests you.  Blogging may be for you.  There are many different ways to monazite the home-based business idea of blogging.  Just to name a few… Paid advertising on your site, affiliate marketing, create and sell e-products on your site, create a directory of experts in your niche where they pay you for the listing.  You can check out one of my passive income blogs here >> Mom’s Life Hacks
  9. Image / Fashion / Beauty Consultant – I recently hired an image consultant to style my last photoshoot.  You can pull together a whole new look by using the client’s existing clothes and by just creating a style they maybe never thought of.  A beauty consultant even re-invent a person and build their confidence.
  10. Grant Writer – You can monetize this home-based business idea by receiving contracts to write grant proposals for individual charities or businesses.  You can also, take a percentage of any monies awarded for a grant proposal that you wrote to a specific company.

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  11. Business Plan Writer – Entrepreneurs dread the idea of actually sitting down, researching, and writing their very lengthy business plan which makes becoming a business plan writer a very lucrative home-based business idea.
  12. Professional Organizer – This home-based business idea usually leads you to go to a site and work with a client to organize a home or office. However, in the last few years, I have seen Professional Organizers create systems and procedures for individuals and business owners virtually.
  13. Press Release Writer -I hire a press release service for every event I produce.  This helps me get the word out become featured in newspapers and magazines, as well as get my event on all online calendars in that specific area.  I pay anywhere from $500-1000 a pop each time I hire a Press Release Service.
  14. Web Designer –  Appropriate schooling and certification is definitely required.  However, once you know what you are doing, and you can create amazingly beautiful websites, you can really charge a premium.  This home-based business idea is completely virtual. You can literally work from anywhere in the world.
  15. Nanny or Babysitting Service – You can be the actual service provide at first.  Once you have the right business model set up this home-based business idea is easily scalable.  You will take the CEO position rather than that of an employee you can be the Queen be and send the worker bees out.  You will need to have the proper insurance, do background checks on your staff, etc.
  16. Gift Basket Design Company –  This home-based business idea allows you to work with individuals or also contract out a larger corporation to supply gift / thank you baskets to their clients.  You can provide set options or you can customize each order.  The only tricky thing I have seen clients run into is configuring the correct shipping.
  17. Online Store Owner –  There are online store templates that you can purchase now and offer pretty much any product you would like.  The beauty is, for the most part, if it is not a product you created you can have the product drop shipped… That means you do not have to stock any inventory!  You will not have to order any items ahead of time and have out of pocket inventory costs.
  18. Ghost Writer or Copy Writer – Another awesome home-based business idea.  Some people LOVE to write!  All they need is a basic idea or topic, then their pen just takes off.  For others, writing is crippling.  Some people do not add necessary content to their websites such as a blog or a great about page because they know what they want to say but trying to put in on paper are two different things.   Others may have an amazing story to tell and would like to be a published author but they do not know how to make their words flow.  Entrepreneurs like myself create great products and programs but they are in need a sales page that has really good copywriting that converts into an actual sale.
  19. Interior Decorator – Do you have a knack for design? Can you listen to a friend’s vision for space and be able to pull all her ideas into one cohesive room?  Do you stay on top of the latest decor trends?  Are you obsessed with HGTV channel?  Well then, interior decoration may be a great home-based business idea for you!
  20. Online Educator or Create a Certification Program – Are you an expert on a certain topic?  Have you mastered a skill set so well and can prove it?  If so why not create an online program or even a certification program.  In most industries, there are no regulations on the certifications program.  A good example of this is the certification to become a Certified Bridal Consultant.