Okay… so you’re probably super nervous about getting on the phone and closing the sale. First, you were so excited that you have all of these new high-quality leads come in.

But then, before you can even celebrate…

The doubt started creeping in and you started getting pretty nervous…

You begin to wonder- okay, April, I have all these discovery calls/consultations AKA sales conversations booked.

How should these calls go?


How exactly do I close the sale on the call?

Well, you’re in luck because today I’m going to walk you through exactly what you need to do to convert those qualified leads into paying clients.

5 Simple Steps to Closing the Sale

When I speak to entrepreneurs, they often focus on more leads as their number one challenge. But I’ll tell you a secret…

All the leads in the world are not going to help you build your business and increase your revenue. Unless you have a strategy and a step by step system for conducting these calls, and closing the sale.

Just think about it –

You’ve worked really hard to gain your expertise. You’ve pushed yourself outside of your comfort zone to market yourself. You engaged with your target market, even encourage them, to spend time with you on these calls.

And now they’re live.

on the other end of the phone.

and they expect YOU not only to lead the conversation but to give them something valuable in exchange for their time.

Like the solution to their most pressing problems. Maybe insights into the obstacles that have been holding them back. Or hope that there is an answer to the challenge that’s keeping them awake at night.

At the same time, you’ll also want to build trust and lead them into a deeper relationship with you. And of course, hopefully by becoming your client.


Now, that’s a lot to ask for in a 30 to 45-minute call. Don’t you think so? How do you make sure that you hit ALL of these points without leaving anything out? And how do you make an irresistible offer to your prospective client without sounding salesy?

Well, the key is having a strategy, a systemized process for closing the sale!

Use this systemized process for each and every call. This way, you remove ALL the guesswork. And you can seamlessly present the opportunity to work with you in a manner that is truly authentic. You will be so focused on helping your prospective client achieve their goals.

Closing the sale will seem so natural to you. Never again will you feel like you are being phony, pushy, or using hard sales tactics.

I’m about to share the exact strategy I use for closing the sale. This process ensures that each and every call is productive, professional, and personalized.

If you’re still a bit unsure of yourself, don’t worry. That is natural. It takes a little time to feel comfortable. Honestly, I felt the same exact way. When I first starting doing my discovery calls, it felt awkward. And I was convinced the person I was speaking to, could hear my heart beating through the phone.

Becoming a Great Closer is like Building a Muscle.

After practicing over and over again, I came up with a system that allowed me to relax and deliver tremendous value. I presenting the information my prospect needed to hear in a way that felt good and was authentic.

So I’m about to share the outline of how I conduct my discovery calls. Now, obviously, we’re limited on time today. So I can’t share everything, but in my client enrollment system program, we go through these steps in much more detail.

A blue overlay on a picture of a woman in a flower shirt. White and gold text reads 5 Steps to closing the sale

Right now I want to give you the overview so you can understand the process.

    Let them know right up front, what the plan for the call. You will be giving them value. And then if it makes sense, you will let them know how they can continue to work with you at the end of the call. It’s really important to set the stage at the beginning of the call. And to let them know that if you both feel like it’s a good fit, that you will be talking about the next steps. You want to ask them “How does that sound?”By doing this you let them know what’s going to happen. This helps you get relaxed too, because if you’ve already gotten permission from them to make an offer later in the call.
  2. ASK
    Find out from them what the #1 thing is that you can help them with on the call. After you’ve done a few of these calls, you’ll start to find that their answers are pretty predictable. Based on your industry and your expertise you will anticipate what they are going to say. For instance, health coaches will often hear things like “I want to lose weight”, or “I want to get in shape”. Business coaches might hear, “I want to make consistent money”, or” I have a problem getting leads”.Knowing that these answers will fall into a predictable pattern will also increase your comfort level and help you relax. You’ll get to the point where you will know what they’re going to say before they even say it.
    Ask them what they envisioned their future is going to look like if they don’t make the desired changes. Then follow up with why do they think they haven’t gotten results so far? Next ask, why now? Why is now the time that things are going to be different? This step helps in closing the sale because it shows them the gap between what they want and where they are now. It helps them confront the pain that they’re feeling right now.
    Now it’s your time to shine and be the hero. We want to give 1 strategy. Just one that they can implement right away to relieve some of their pain. If you give them too much information here, it could actually be detrimental to closing the sale. It may overwhelm them. Or you can give them so much great information that they think that they don’t need to work with you. In their mind, you have already solved all of their problems.

    They’re going to try to implement what you just shared on their own. Believe me, when I say, this is NOT of service to them or you!

    If, and only if you feel like you’re a good fit AND you can truly help them achieve their goals. This is where you’re going to seamlessly transition into sharing how they can continue to work with you. When coaching my private clients and students in the client enrollment system, I highly recommend that you offer only one program or service on these calls. Again, too much information will overwhelm your future client. You’ll start getting responses. Like “I want to work with you, but I don’t know which program I want. I need to think about it and will let you know, in a few days”. Which translates into NO SALE!

Plus let’s remember that you are the expert here.

They chose to get on this call with you because they want…no they NEED you to tell them what will work best for them. Your future client is waiting for you to explain how your services fit their exact goals.

This makes it very clear. What you’re offering is directly related to their needs and their pain points.

Now, those five steps were just an outline to closing the sale!

I go into much greater detail in the client enrollment system. I am confident that just from this outline alone, you can see how powerful implementing a strategy can be.

And how it leads prospects seamlessly through a process that not only provides a ton of value, builds credibility, but also makes it a no-brainer to work with you.

This 5 step outline I shared to closing the sale guides your ideal clients seamlessly.

First, you start by identifying their biggest challenge or obstacle.

Then you provide immediate value by helping them see, that there is a solution and then giving them a small taste.

Finally, they can clearly see for themselves how working with you is the key to making huge progress.

Based on the outline I just shared, you may be ready to hop on the phone and get started implementing this new process right away and welcoming those clients with open arms.

But some of you still might be feeling a little bit lost. You may have additional concerns such as…

“I understand the process, but I’m still not sure if I can do this.”


” I’m bad at sales.”


“I get so nervous, I don’t know what to do when they say I can’t afford you right now.”


I don’t know how to transition to the offer in a way that seems natural.”

or maybe …

“My problem is I’m not sure how to balance between giving them just enough information and leaving them wanting more. So I ended up giving them everything and then no one hires me”.

I know most of you watching right now are nodding your head thinking.

Yup, that’s me.

How about,

“I’m not sure if my prices are right. I’m absolutely lost when it comes to packaging and setting the price for high-end offers”.

“What do I do when they say, I need to think about it”?

“How do I follow up”?

Those are all very valid concerns and they’re ones that I’ve dealt with myself and with my private coaching clients. So if you’re worried about the follow-up or wondering how to adapt this to your specific business, that’s natural

Are you ready to ...


You’re tired of hearing “You’re exactly what I need! But I just don’t have the money right now to hire you”

You have so many ideas, but you’re paralyzed and can’t make money because you don’t know which one to act on?

Do you get lost in the details and feel STUCK because you’re not sure how to move forward?

Are you, in a word, EXHAUSTED, and wonder if business ownership is for you?

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