Woman biting her nails because she has fear in businessCan You Identify Yourself With This Fear In Business?

Fear of Delegation– If you truly want to earn the BIG bucks, you cannot do it by yourself. Let me repeat that… YOU CANNOT DO IT BY YOURSELF! Right now you may be able to handle everything, but believe me you will find you are spread so thin your final product or service will crap! So why not hand off some of the tasks you are not so great at. For me, this is anything technical, website, sales pages. graphic design. By doing this you can give all your focus to what you are extraordinary at!

  1.  Get a Virtual Assistant or VA. They can free up so much of your time!
  2.  Hire a Sales Team- You can either pay them a salary or they can be full commission.
  3. (My Favorite)- Hire a maid! – If you are or want to make 6 figures, you better not be cleaning your own toilets! It is not that I am “above” cleaning my bathroom. The fact is…  my time could be spent generating more income, creating new products, and making great contacts!

Fear of Taking Risks –It’s Scary to put yourself “out there”, to give yourself a title. And now you have to OWN it! What if you fail?

Fear of Going Broke– Yes, you can build a business with little or no investment. But bigger business means a bigger investment. When I first started out I tried to save money anywhere I could (and it showed). But, unfortunately, to play the bigger game you must put your best foot forward and spend the money where it counts. It is key that you track your ROI! You must pay attention to what advertising, promotion, social media, and face to face networking is bringing in the moola or the connections you need to grow! It surprises me how many entrepreneurs do not keep track of their “money in money out”. If you subscribed to my 7 Superwomen CEO Strategies you received a worksheet to help you see track your advertising ROI. I have always been a hustler. For me, fear of going broke is a good thing, it makes me…

1. Pick up the phone and make another sales call instead of ending my day early
2. Ask for referrals
3. Connect with a JV partner

Everything Needs to be Perfect– There are so many great products and programs just sitting on the shelf waiting to be perfect enough, shiny enough for the public. But soon the public will move on to the next big thing–without looking back. Get your product out!! Set a date, announce it to the world, and meet your deadline!

Fear of Rejection-one of the biggest fears of all- This is just crap! You have to believe you have this super, fantastic, amazing product!! You have to wholeheartedly believe that your customer will benefit from what you can do. You are filling a need or pain point for your client, and if you are rejected, kindly thank him for his time, and make the next call!

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You have so many ideas, but you’re paralyzed and can’t make money because you don’t know which one to act on?

Do you get lost in the details and feel STUCK because you’re not sure how to move forward?

Are you, in a word, EXHAUSTED, and wonder if business ownership is for you?

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