woman entrepreneur thinking about start up businessEvery start-up business has a huge opportunity to launch in the most successful and effective way!

Sales Expert April Iannazzone will share from her own lifelong experience of building 6 figure start-up businesses how you can you can do it in a sexy successful way for women entrepreneurs.

Five Launching Tricks for Women Start-Up to Grow their Business Fast

  1.  Find and target your small niche.  Don’t be a “Jack of all Trades”.  Determine your target market and why would they want to buy from you.  Playing to the strengths of your niche is the key to your success.  If you choose a broad audience it will be hard for you to stand out.  Once you have identified your target audience for your start-up business you need to craft a roof top message that speaks and moves them to wants them to learn more about you. Your message should be very clear on what you have to offer, why your are different, and why they should buy from you.
  2. Make sure there is a need for you “thing”– Do the necessary research to find out if people actually want to buy your “thing”.   What are your target market’s pain points?  Have a concise answer for how will your product or service solve them?  Be very clear about what you have to offer.   Key word research is great—you can find out how many people are searching the internet for your specific thing.
  3. Pick a date and pre-sell your product or service before it is ready.  Many women entrepreneurs wait until everything is set up and perfect before they launch.  This is a HUGE mistake!  It is very easy to procrastinate…  and put it off for a week, month, and eventually it turns into a year.  My rule of thumb has always been-“ Put it out there and figure the details out after” This will generate immediate income as well as give you a deadline you must stick to.  If you want to see an example check out my Superwoman Launch to gain more insight about how to pre-sell a well developed product.
  4. Shout it from the roof tops!  Pick up the phone and call everyone you know -from your grandmother to your hairstylist.   If they are not your target audience ask them for the contact information for 2 people that maybe a good fit. Go to every face to face networking event you can.  Don’t “hard sell” at the networking events.  Just let people know who you are.  Collect business cards.  Follow up the next day with an email or phone call.
  5. Have and track a marketing plan –  I use a marketing calendar that is set 90 days out.  If you do not have a marketing plan it is easy for you to loose focus and get sidetracked on your marketing efforts.  And in today’s business world you need to be consistent and stay top of mind.   You can use programs like Hootsuite.com to schedule your social media posts.  Or aweber.com for your newsletters and email marketing.  It is also extremely important to know which of your efforts are working and which aren’t.  You are able to track your analytics for most of your online marketing.   When a potential client reaches out to you always say “I am always interested to learn how people find out about me, do you mind me asking where you saw my information?”

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