women on couch making 10k a month with online businessDo you want to know how to make 10k a month?  I thrilled to tell you… last month I had my largest month yet (without having an event going on)!

You see, every month I have been consistently making 10k++.  Each month more than the next.  But last month…  I hit $42,000 in one month!  This month I am targeted to have a $50k month!!  Normally I would not talk about the actual financials of my company.  However, I want to be completely transparent with you and show you what is possible and how to make 10k a month with your online business too!  I know you may be thinking you could never make that much or  “Other people can, but it will never happen for me”.

Why not?  If I can, why not you?

How to Make 10k a Month with Your Online Business

I am not more deserving or special than you!  Many times we think we know how to get to a certain level in business by simply applying the same strategies we’ve applied before and just doubling our efforts.

Even though this game plan could work sometimes…it’s very hard to sustain and will feel sporadic based on our stamina OR schedule.  I know you may be feeling like you have tried everything already and are wondering how to make 10k+  a month with your online business.

You see, it’s not about exhausting ourselves with the same strategies we’ve applied before time and again. It’s about shifting our perspective and radically changing the way we are working in the first place.  If you’ve not hit $42k a month then you need to shift up your design.

You see how to make 10k a month with your online business is really about…

More time, less effort.

So what I’m really suggesting here should be GOOD NEWS! 😉

I’m telling you to DECREASE effort and INCREASE your time and profits by doing a few things differently.  Then you too will learn how to make 10k a month!

  1.  Make it about THEM, not you! Start serving more. When it comes to money and the amount you earn it’s simply a reflection of the number of people you have served and at what level of service. Stop and ask yourself how many people you’ve served and the value you’ve provided them. If you’re holding back in some way… it’s likely you’re making it about YOU. Ever heard the phrase, “get over yourself?” This applies here. You may need to look at a higher level of service with higher-end offers! Many think that starting out with a $47 product is the answer. This is not always the case when starting out. There are better and much faster ways to get there. You need to shift your thinking. Think about the amount of traffic and energy is takes to create a lucrative income from a $47 product. It doesn’t make sense, does it? Too much energy for little payoff can have you spinning your wheels and is the reason many give up too soon.
  2. Ask for the sale! When you ask for the sale and face your fears around this important task in your business you will begin to serve more. You will help others break out of their fear of sales and rejection when you do this. Know this… the things you need to do in order to take leaps in your business are the VERY things that scare the scared the bejeezus out of you! Most of the time people are needing you to set the example. Don’t be afraid to encourage a decision. It’s not pushy if you can help them and you know it. Your boldness will inspire them and transform their lives. Whether you are in the fitness, weight loss, chiropractic, or relationship coaching business you can transform another’s life by asking for the sale. This may mean you start getting on the phone and having more conversations with the connection.

    This next tip is probably the most important when learning How To Make 10k A Month!

  3. Build a SEXY list of leads– you’ve got numbers on your side when you have a healthy list of leads. With that said, always be generating leads via social media and networking. When you are learning how to make 10k a month you will want to create a lead magnet that collects their contact information using an autoresponder service like Ontraport. It’s very common for business owners to give up and feel stuck as their profits plateau when they don’t take the time to create an attractive lead generation strategy in their marketing. I can usually catch their problem in the initial conversation with them. Building a savvy and effective lead generator isn’t an easy task. $47k a month would be more common in small business revenue if it were because lead generation is THAT crucial.
  4. Find a community to support you. You will need to take action and apply strategies that both intimidate and scare you when you are learning how to make 10k a month. This is normal. There is a reason for this. You will need to do things you’ve done before, you will experience sabotaging behaviors you’ve never experienced before. You will need to apply business strategies you have never implemented until now. If you are trying to get to this level without getting the right help or surrounding yourself with the right community of people and support then your odds of failing are much higher. No one was ever meant to do this alone. That is why I created the 90 Day Sprint – Business Acceleration Program inside the Self-Made Success School.

    If you are ready to take your business to the next level and surrender the idea that you can do this without a coach that has been there and done that, then we would like to talk with you and it may be time for a complimentary strategy session to discuss how to make 10k a month with your online business.

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