woman holding a pc, demonstrating the topic to look your best on videoDo you look your best on video? Lately, I have realized how imperative video is for business.  Whether on You Tube or just on your website.

Having You Tube videos and the right keywords can land your page on the first page of google FREE!  I know what your thinking …

“Are you nuts?? Who wants to star in their own video.  You are completely putting yourself out there!”.


You would be right!  You are putting yourself out there!  But, that is exactly what your audience wants to see!  Someone they can relate too, not a model reading off a script.  They want to know you are genuine.

In hopes to generate more business I have decided I am going to start shooting videos.  I am a sincere and genuine person.  However, I still want to look good in the video!!  So, I started researching how to look a little better in videos.  I came across this great article on Self.com

How to Look Pretty on Video by Alexandra Samuel


Like the way you look onscreen with tricks from celeb makeup artist Pati Dubroff.


I will try these tips and post my first video soon!
Do you have any advice for me?  Do you have a certain make up tricks or lighting you use?  Please share…I need all the help I can get!

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Are you, in a word, EXHAUSTED, and wonder if business ownership is for you?

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