I wanted to share with you the TOP 10 Business Tools and Resources that really helped grow my business last year!

 As we are wrapping up 2016, I am evaluating my business…What worked, what didn’t, tools I loved, tools I loathed :)

I wanted to share the top 10 business tools and resources that significantly helped grow my bottom line!

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  1. Canva - The first of the top 10 business tools and resources that helped grow my business is Canva.   This free resource makes my my Top 10 list of business resources and tools because I use it at least once a week!  You can create great graphics, social media posts, blog pictures, advertisements, and so much more.   Actually I used it to create the picture for this post!
  2. Fiverr - This is a website where you can get almost anything done for only $5.  I have had logos created, whiteboard videos made, etc.  Just a quick note… it is a hit or miss.  Sometimes you have AMAZING work created, other times… not so great.  But you are only risking $5 🙂
  3. Acuity Scheduling - There is free version if you are just starting out.     I use this to schedule all of my strategy sessions and laser coaching appointments.  It is super simple.  The client just needs to click the link, and then the will go right to your calendar with the dates and times you made available.  This is one of those business resources that saves you time.  Acuity Scheduling also integrates with most email marketing systems.
  4. Words That Sell  - By Richard Bayan.  This book makes the list of my top 10 business tools and resources for so many reasons.  This is a great book just to keep around.  If you don’t make a sale you don’t have a business!!  This books is a great resource to find words or phrases to use in your marketing to effectively promote your products, services, and ideas.
  5. Audioacrobat - I use this to record ALL my group coaching calls.  I also just record trainings I want to offer in an MP3 format.  This is a MUST for anyone that wants to package and sell their trainings later.
  6. Free Conference Call - This is exactly what it says… A free platform to conduct conference calls.  There are upgrade options available.
  7. Basecamp - I just started using this about 4 months ago.  WOW!  This is the best tool to keep track of projects.  It is also a great tool for accountability with clients.  They offer a 60 day free trail.  I highly suggest your check it out!!
  8. Webinar Jam - Let’s face it.  If you plan to build an online business, at some point you will have to host a webinar or provide training through a webinar platform.  At the beginning of this year I have tried and tested them ALL.  My favorite was Webinar Jam.  It integrates with your email marketing provider.  You can sell tickets to your webinars directly through Webinar Jam.   It has an email sequence (before and after) already integrated.  And the video recording is instantly uploaded to Youtube.  The world’s most reliable webinar platform.
  9. ONTRAPORT - By far this was the #1 change I made in my business this year that had shown the best ROI!  Ontraport completely transformed my business.  I know have a one stop shop for my memberships, affiliates, shopping cart, CRM, and email marketing!  Not only is this the BEST product I have ever used in my business but their customer service is out of this world!  That is a huge deal for me.  I have tried their #1 competitor because a lot of big names were using it.  Only to find out that I wasted a ton of money and was still at square one because it was hard to get someone on the phone.  And best of all Ontraport offers a 90 Money Back Guarantee.  In my opinion, this is the BEST of my top 10 business tools and resources@
  10. My Mentor - I do not know what I would do without the support and guidance from someone that has already been when I want to go.  It is priceless to have the option to call her and quickly run any ideas by her.  For my business I know I need an “outside” prospective.  Someone that is not emotionally connected to my business and will give me honest feedback.  High level coaching program is a necessity for my business and I make sure I incorporate it in my business budget every year.  (It is also a tax write off!)

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Here are 2  Bonus Resources  🙂

So I just shared my Top 10 Business Tools and Resources I used to grow my business but I wanted to share a couple more...

  • 123 rf - This is where I get my royalty free photos for my blog and social media posts. Most are just $1. You DO NOT want to steal other people's pictures online without giving proper credit. This site does not just have pictures it has videos, audio, buttons (registrations, join now, buy, etc.)
  • Stripe - Payment infrastructure for the internet.  I use this for my subscription billing.  No contract or monthly fees.  This integrates well with most shopping carts.  I use it with ONTRAPORT.  Definitely worth checking out!
  • If you have any experience with one of my Top 10 Business Tools and Resources please share your thoughts and experience in the comments below.

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