Use these 3 Sales Tactics & Ways To Increase Sales THIS week! 

What are the ways to increase sales right now? ...

Learn more about the 3 sales tactics below that will help you to easily increase your sales right now.

#1 Offer an up-sell at checkout

You already have your customer in “buying mode” and in the midst of the check-out process.  At this point, if you have a product or service that complements what they are already buying it is a no-brainer for them to add it on.

#2 Give away a little something something

Think of the drug dealer that gives out a taste.  They hook their prospects on the first sample.  Soon prospects are hunting them down, banging on their door to get more!  As long as they are always dealing the “good stuff” they have a customer for life. 

Same thing with your business.  

Give away a little “taste”!  Offer a complimentary consultation or a strategy session.  Send prospects the first 10 pages of your new book.  Host a free webinar on Monday for a program starting on Friday.   

The key is to make sure you are always delivering the “good stuff” even after the giveaway.  This way they are always banging on your door!!

#3 Create a referral program for your best customers.

Remember people buy from people they know, like, and trust.  So if they don’t know you what’s the next best thing?  A FRIEND!

Send your best customers a personal invitation to join your program.  Make sure you are clear about the benefits they would receive.  

Decide if you would like to offer them a flat fee or a percentage for each lead.  Then call each referral partner and thank them for helping you grow your business and you can’t wait to mail them their first check!  On the call, you can let them know if they can give you 3 leads today you will give them an extra bonus!

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